Our company is commited to the highest level of quality therefore our processes are being operated according to ISO9001:2015 quality management system.

Our liability insurance is secured by Aegon insurance company.


Welcome on the website of HQLS Hungary Kft.
My name is Viktor Bial the owner and Managing director of the company.
Our company is operating in the field of quality and logistic management within the automotive industry. Being a quality service provider in tier 1 and tier 2 environment requires a company to be very flexible and professional.
It is important to understand the customer and industrial needs, it is essetial to meet the requirments of this demanding and fastly improving industry. With 10 years experience in quality control, measurments, surface refining, packaging, assembly services, warehousing and distribution we learnt how to make our customers satisfied.

Taking todays industrial trends, the increasing competition into consideration, we pay high attention to the quality of our services. We believe that the key to quality is our highly appreciated employees who are serving the company with knowledge and loyalty and we proudly share this value with our customers. Our goal is to add value with our services which makes our customers more competitive, efficient and economic and makes our company a real benefit to any organizations.

By creating highly ergonomic working environment we ensure that our work complies with the highest standards and demonstrates the stabelity and professionality of our operations. One of the key to our success is „process oriented operation” and to achieve customer satisfaction we comply with ISO9001:2015 standards.


Sorting, quality inspection

Our quality inspection services helps our customers a lot to achieve their goals. How we add value and help our customers to achieve their goals?

  • Integrated quality management and process control.
  • customer focus and assertion of interests.
  • Objejctive decision making, to ensure objective verification.
  • Online „just in time” reporting.
  • Efficient information flow during the inspection and by this ensuring immediate corrective actions.
  • Well-trained stuff of quality operators, technichans and engineers.
  • Excellent ergonomic work environment.
  • Total warranty to our services.
  • , Precise development of process involving customer requirements ( Control specification, drawing, technical documentation, border catalogue, limit samples, daily consumption of material ).
  • 5S, Visual management.


We take orders to deburr, clean, esthetic cleaning, polishing your material which may had been manufactured with esthetic malfanctions at your location either our plant in Eger. If you may consider to choose our company with these services you will have extra capacity that can be utilised at your production.

Production support

If your company may be suffering from capacity issues, having unexpected increases in customer demands we can provide you well trained stuff to support your operations. Our emloyees have proven their suitability in various difficult situation in Tier 1 and Tier 2 environment. Within a short training notice you can have a well trained operator available at your lines.

Sorting actions

In case of customer complaints we take orders to organise and manage sorting actions. 24 hours from the request we get to the location of the sorting action ensuring the properly trained capacity. We organise our work fully harmonised with our customer’s interest following it’s instructions but still in a way that we take over communication and customer support including daily stock and quality reporting, defining boarder samples and quality criteria. We share all information with the custamer, we handle it confidentally making sure our partner can make the right decision and action in the right time. If you order our sorting action service we make sure that your customer will be able to continue it’s manufacturing process with no further harm since we minimise risk and 100% evalute failures. The purpose of our service is to minimise cost, time, travelling and capacity for our partner so he can fastly solve it’s quality issues and focus on corrective actions.

Warehousing and distribution

From our warehouse located in Eger we take orders for long term warehousing and distribution activity. The purpose of the service is to combine warehousing, quality inspection, distribution and resident engineering services and to provide high quality and logistic solution for our partners regionally for a very competitive but fair price. Within this service our partner have the possibility to ship smaller quantities to it’s customer from a local warehouse, ordering just in time deliveries and in case of complaints all costs can be reduced and replacement stock can be provided immediately. When we say cost reduction we mean fast and professional support by a strategic partner who has knowledge of the product and works for a fix cost with a professional stuff. By making smaller deliveries, smaller quantities are affected by the complaint so it is less stock that needs to be sorted out. Our service is minimising risk, helping to achieve better quality performance, causing trust in the customer because of the local support.

Resident engineering

We provide resident engineering support to our partners. 4 hours from the request we get to the loaction to investigate the complaint, verify the complaint, if needed provide replacement stock, starting and coordinating immediate sorting action, providing report to the customer. Taking the interest of our customer as the basic and taking all aspects of interested parties into consideration, by reviewing the whole material supply chain we succesfully investigate the root cause of the complaint, advise and report back to the customer enabling them to make the right step moving forward.


If you need ISO9001:2015 quality management system please do not hesitate to contact our company. We have great experience in building up and managing integrated quality management systems in accordance to internationally accepted quality standards. In case you choose us to implement your quality management system you are assured that your ISO 9001 system will be integrated into your operation designed for life, perfectly suitable for your operations and will make your organization more transparent and credible in partner relations. If you choose our service we take care of the whole documentation and implementation process and hand you a 100% worked out system. We provide 100% success audit warranty.

Project management / Supplier development

We support our customers in quality improvement, effectiveness improvement and cost optimasiation Projects.
We use the best practices of the automotive techniques for quality improvement, effectiveness improvement and cost optimasiation projects.
Our method is based on lean 6Sigma, DMAIC, FMEA, PDCA, Kanban techniques. Depending in what phase are we in the project we know how and which tool to use to achieve the real target.
Project methodology: Through the DMAIC methodology, we define the target, measure the process, analyse the results and based on what we found we define the improvement actions. When the omprovement actions are implemented we control the process by contionus data collection.
Expected results: Decrease of losses, transparency, potential of continous improvement, decrease of changing times (SMED), decrease of warehouse stock, TPM (Total preventive maintance).
By implementing these modern techniques of Lean, your organistaion will be more effective and profitable. We simplify your processes, optimaze the system and work out the basics of the profitable operation of your organization.


The world's leading manufacturers use products approved by us.

  • Daimler AG
  • Audi
  • Volvo
  • MAN
  • Robert Bosch
  • BMW